You just don’t get it. You need to get educated. You need to do the research. OK Boomer. And the list goes on.

When all other arguments fail, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, blockchain advocates, DeFi evangelists and the many Web3 true-believers will too often pivot to the above clever Emperor’s New Clothes modus operandi. The hope is that we will all become too afraid to admit that there is nothing to get.

Available for my students, clients, colleagues and friends, Digital Trust Watch serves as a virtual resource to rebut these simplistic “you just don’t get it” refrains.

An online platform, Digital Trust Watch curates a growing anthology of objective, unbiassed, contemplative and evenhanded thought leadership relating to Web3, including blockchain, cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi) and all other things fintech (whatever the term “fintech” actually means).

Unfortunately, in today's world, there exists a glaring lack of objectivity concerning Web3. Too much information is being spread by those who are biased, and too many digital investment products are being peddled by those who lack independence.

In fact, the vast majority of those shilling Web3 elixir are promoters, marketers and other hired hands, who are heavily invested in the very same Web3 products that they insist on touting as the next big thing.

Enter Digital Trust Watch, the first neutral, impartial and nonpartisan compendium that: 1) Educates and informs about Web3’s emerging prominence and hype; and 2) prepares and primes individuals and their companies to ask the right questions and better understand the litany of evolving labrynthian hazards and threats created by cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, digital trading platforms, non- fungible tokens and the litany of other Web3 digital products and services.

Digital Trust Watch cuts through the cognitive dissonance and chaotic noise of Web3 promotors and charlatans to provide the kind of opinions and commentary not only worth reading but worth sharing.

Digital Trust Watch, Exposing Digital Deception with Truth

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