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Video: The Bull and Bear Cases for Crypto (WSJ Live, March 2023)

Podcast: Should You Buy Cryptocurrency with Lee Reiners (America's Trend Podcast, March 2023)

Fact Sheet: Crypto, FTX, SBF, SEC, CFTC, Banking Regulators, and the Revolving Door, by Dennis M. Kelleher (Better Markets, March, 2023)

Nothing Redeems Crpyto, by Steve H. Hanke and Matt Sekerke (Wall Street Journal, March, 2023)

Video: Sam the Legend (Financial Times, March, 2023)

Podcast: Cryptocurrency Vs. Reality (Bloomberg, February, 2023)

The Crypto-populist Pyramid Scam, by John Feffer (February, 2023)

Crypto CEOs Need to Accept That Existing Regulations Also Apply to Them, by Timothy Cradle (February, 2023)

Bitcoin Is Not A Currency, It’s A Woebegone Delusion, by Jeffrey Robinson (February, 2023)

Stablecoin Shadow Banks, by Dirty Bubble Media (February, 2023)

Videos: The Truth About Crypto: Parts 1,2 and 3 (Common Sense, February, 2023)

Video: A Twisted Tale of Celebrity Promotion, Opaque Transactions and Allegations of Racist Tropes (CNN, February, 2023)

Banks Should Abandon Their Blockchain Fantasies, by Stephen Diehl (Financial News, February, 2023)

The Fatal Flaws of the Celsius Network, by Frances Coppola (February, 2023)

Why An Independent Examiner In The FTX Bankruptcy Is Critical, by John Reed Stark (Securities Docket, February, 2023)

The Fraudulent Design Language of Cryptocurrency, by John Reed Stark (Securities Docket, February, 2023)

How Chicago Fell for Crypto, by Tatiana Walk-Morris (Chicago Reader, February, 2023)

A Crypto-Kiosk in My Neighborhood: A Stark Investigation, by John Reed Stark (Securities Docket, February, 2023)

El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law 2.0: the Digital Assets Issuance Law, by David Girard (Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain, January 2023)

A Crypto-Kiosk in My Neighborhood: A Stark Investigation, by John Reed Stark (Securities Docket, January 2023)

Regulatory Capture in Action, by David Rosenthal (DSHR blog, January, 2023)

Video: Blockchain: Innovation or Illusion, by Adam R. Smith (January, 2023)

Video: Not Just FTX: One Skeptic’s Take on Why Crypto Is a Scam (Unchained, January 2023)

Why “SEC Regulation by Enforcement” is a Bogus Big Crypto Catchphrase, by John Reed Stark (Securities Docket, January, 2023)

Video: 99% of Crypto is a Scam, by Nouriel Ribini (Yahoo Finance, January, 2023)

FTX Convinced Poor People Their Money Was Safe in Crypto. It Wasn’t, by Esme Von Hoffman (Jacobin, January, 2023)

Is Binance the Next Domino to Fall?, by Concoda (January, 2023)

Video: The Great Crypto Scam, by James Jani (January, 2023)

Boondoggle of the Year: Cryptocurrency, by Matt Ford (New Republic, December, 2022)

The Metaverse Doesn’t Have a Leg to Stand On, by Kate Knibbs (Wired, December, 2022)

Return To Nothingness: Big Crypto’s Struggles With Basic Accounting And Economics, by Martin C.W. Walker (attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain December, 2022)

Podcast: This Is What We Know About How Tether Works (Bloomberg, December, 2022)

The Death of Cryptocurrency, By Nicholas Weaver (Information Security Project, December, 2022)

A New Crypto Regulatory Framework. No Thanks, by John Reed Stark (Securities Docket, December, 2022)

SBF is Crypto Personified, by Stephen Diehl (December, 2022)

Crypto Exchanges’ A La Carte Approach To Audits A Recipe For Disaster, by Javier Paz (Forbes, December 2022)

The (F)utility of Blockchain Asset Tokenisation, by Kelvin Low (The Business Time, December 2022)

Video: Post FTX Collapse Reflections on Crypto with Stephen Diehl (Life Itself, November, 2022)

Let’s Stop Treating Crypto as If It Were Finance, by Todd H. Baker (CLS Blue Sky Blog, November, 2022)

Big Crypto’s Bogus Demands For “Regulatory Clarity," by John Reed Stark (Duke FinReg Blog, November 2022)

The Unbearable Uselessness of Crypto, by Andres Velasco (Project Syndicate, November, 2022)

Does Bitcoin prevent Cancer?, by Barry Dillon (November, 2022)

The Entire Crypto Ecosystem is a Ponzi, by Frances Coppola (Mastodon, November, 2022)

FTX Crypto Bubble Really Is the Worst of Its Kind, by Merryn Somerset Webb (Bloomberg, 2022)

Let Crypto Burn, Stephen Cecchetti and Kim Schoenholtz (Financial Times, November, 2022)

Inventing the Crypto King, by Ashley Rindsberg (Tablet, November, 2022)

The Offshore Crypto Exchange Illusion, by Allison Jimenez (Dynamic Securities Analytics, Inc., November, 2022)

The Underlying Technology Shibboleth, by Stephen Diehl (, November 2022)

Web3, the Metaverse, and the Lack of Useful Innovation,

The Entirely Predictable Collapse of FTX Exposes the Failures of Regulators and Journalists, (Current Affairs, November 20220)

Setting the Record Straight on Crypto, FTX and Financial Regulation, by Dennis Kellher (BetterMarkets, November 2022)

Video: Is Web3 bullshit? | Molly White at Web Summit 2022 (November, 2022)

Fraud Within Crypto Companies: The Limits of Blockchain Transparency, by Allison Jimenez (DSA Blog, November, 2022)

Video: FTX Failure Worse Than Theranos, Worse Than Madoff (Yahoo Finance, November, 2022)

Crypto-Traceability: Don't Believe The Hype, by John Reed Stark (Securities Docket, November, 2022)

El Salvador’s $300 Million Bitcoin ‘Revolution’ Is Failing Miserably, by Zeke Faux (Bloomberg, November 2022)

Video: Digital Asset Regulation: The Prudential Perspective (Bloomberg, November, 2022)

Fool’s Gold: Tearing Down Crypto’s ‘Quasi-Libertarian Pyramid Scheme,' by Dominic Powell (Sydney Morning Herald, November 2022)

Remarks of CFTC Commissioner Christy Goldsmith Romero Before the International Swaps and Derivatives Association’s Crypto Forum (October, 2022)

The Company and Blockchain Technology, by Kelvin Low (October, 2022)

Debunking the Narratives About Cryptocurrency and Financial Inclusion, by Tonantzin Carmona (Brookings Institution, October 2022)

Video: Alexander Karan - Web3: The Great Con (October, 2022)

Guide to Crypto and Web3 (October, 2022)

Web 3.0 - The Great Con, by Dave Gebler (October, 2022)

Powerpoint Deck: Crypto: An Ideal Vehicle for Fraud, by Stephen Diehl (October, 2022)

Spare a Thought for Kim Kardashian, by Jemima Kelly (Financial times, October, 2022)

Podcast: Why Crypto Won’t Make You Rich (Bloomberg, September, 2022)

Podcast: The Biggest Crypto Fantasy of All (Forbes, September, 2022)

Video: Blockchain Solutionhalism" by Molly White at The University of Texas (September, 2022)

Podcast: Is Crypto a Big Scam (The Intercept, September, 2022)

Podcast: A Sceptic’s Guide to Crypto: the Crypto Wild West (Financial Times, September, 2022)

Impossibilities, by David Rosenthal (September, 2022)

Videos: All Sessions From the Crypto Policy Symposium (September, 2022)

Don’t Believe the ‘maximalists’: Bitcoin Can’t be Separated From Crypto, by Jemima Kelly (Financial times, September, 2022)

Video: NFTs Are Legally Problematic (YouTube channel of Legal Eagle, September, 2022)

Lightening Network Issues (Github, Updated monthly)

Are Regulators and Regulations Fit to Meet the Crypto Challenge? (Crypto Policy Symposium, September 2022)

10 Axioms That Crypto-Shills Don’t Want You to Know, by John Reed Stark (August, 2022)

The Con is Coming From Inside the House, by Jay Pinho (Substack, August, 2022)

There Aren't That Many Uses for Blockchains, by Cal Paterson (August, 2022)

Crypto’s Red Flags, and the Need for Regulation, by By Emily DiVito, Joseph Miller (Roosevelt Institute, August, 2022)

Pause the Blockchain Legal Revolution, by Kelvin Lowe and Eliza Mike (International & Comparative Law Quarterly, August, 2022)

Proposed Stablecoin Legislation Is Worse Than Nothing, by Timi Iwayemi (The American Prospect, August 2022)

Video: David Gerard Hates Crypto, DeFi, NFTs, & Web3 | SUPER EXCITED w/Stefan Rust (August, 2022)

The Disastrous Record of Celebrity Crypto Endorsements, by Immanuel John Milton (Bloomberg, 2022)

Podcast: Cryptocurrency: The perfect Tool for The Perfect Scam (, August, 2022)

The Property Law of Tokens, by Juliet M. Moringiella and Christopher K. Odinet (Florida Law Review, August 2022)

Video: The Reactionary Roots of Crypto and Web3 | Dave Troy | TEDxBostonStudio (August 2022)

Land Registrars On The Blockchain is Bullshit, by Stephen Diehl (August, 2022)

Video: Cryptocurrency: The Future of Money or All Hype? (Seminars at Steamboat: Lee Reiners July, 2022)

I Looked Into 34 Top Real-World Blockchain Projects So You Don’t Have To by Nico (July, 2022)

Nayib Bukele's Broken Promise, by Jacob Silverman and Ben Mckenzie (the Intercept, July, 2022)

Cryptocurrency "Market Caps" and Notional Value, by Molly White (July 2022)

Blog Post, Report and Podcast: Are Blockchains Decentralized? DARPA (July, 2022)

Video: Understanding Crypto 7: Nicholas Weaver: A Computer Scientist's Perspective on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (Rational Reminder, July, 2022)

Crypto Collapse: Celsius’ Real liabilities and Fake Assets, Voyager Still Bankrupt, 3AC owns CryptoDickButt #1462, by Amy Castor and David Gerard (Attack of the 50 for Blockchain, July, 2022)

Blog Post and YouTube Video: Why Crypto is not the Solution to Financial Inclusion (on YouTube) (Americans for Financial Freedom, July, 2022)

Jorge Stolfi: ‘Technologically, Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology is Garbage’ (El Pais, July, 2022)

Podcast: The Crypto Market Meltdown: Could it Pave the Way for New Regulations? (On Point, July 2022)

Crypto Collapse: Exchange troubles, Binance’s Friends with Machine Guns, by Amy Castor and David Gerard (July, 2022)

Podcast: Understanding Crypto 6: Bruce Schneier: Security, Trust and Blockchain (The Rational Reminder, July, 2022)

Podcast: Decentralized v. Regulated: What is the Cost to Crypto Investors? (July, 2022)

Podcast: Does The Senate Crypto Bill Scratch the Itch? (Bloomberg, July, 2022)

‘It’s Ruined Me’: Voyager Customers Fear Life Savings Gone After Crypto Firm’s Bankruptcy, by Maxwell Strachan (Vice, July, 2022)

Podcast: Does the Crypto Crash Mean the Blockchain Is Over? (Freakonomics, July, 2022)

Canadian Pension Funds are Losing Big at the Crypto Casino, by David Gerard (July, 2022)

Video: Intellectual Vaccination against the Crypto Virus for Policy Makers, by Nicholas Weaver (July, 2022)

Blockchain Scalability and the Fragmentation of Crypto, by Frederic Boissay, Giulio Cornelli, Sebastian Doerr and Jon Frost (Bis Bulletin, June, 2022)

On the Dangers of Cryptocurrencies and the Uselessness of Blockchain, by Bruce Schneier (Schneier on Security, June, 2022)

Podcast: Ponzi Schemes and Death by Fire with Nicholas Weaver (June, 2022)

Twitter Thread: Princeton Professor Arvind Narayan Twitter Thread on Blockchain (June, 2022)

The Case of the Missing $46 Million, by Ethan Lou (Toronto Star, June, 2022)

A Billion-Dollar Crypto Gaming Startup Promised Riches and Delivered Disaster, by Joshua Brustein (Bloomberg, June, 2022)

Gillibrand-Lummis Crypto Bill Ignores the Lessons of History, by Arthur E. Wilmarth (American Banker, June, 2022)

Crypto Winter’ Could Become ‘Crypto Hell,' by Joe Light (Barrons, June, 2022)

Video: Who's Manipulating Bitcoin? (David Woo June, 2022)

Video: Crypto Jenga: Celsius & the Latest Crypto Crash (w/ David Gerard & Amy Castor) (Scam Economy 19, June, 2022)

Bitcoin Users Should Not Overlook Cryptocurrency's Fundamental Flaw, by Kelvin Low (Nikkei Asia, June, 2022)

Capitol Coin, Number of Cryptocurrency Lobbyists Nearly Tripled Since 2018 and Spending Quadrupled, With Help from Revolving Door Lobbyists and Corporate Allies, by Public Citizen (June, 2022)

Web3, Nfts, And Cryptocurrency Are Dangerous To Society And The Planet, And Computer Scientists Agree, by Kim Crawler (June, 2022)

The Latecomers Guide to Crypto-Crashing: A Quick Map of Where we Are and What's Ahead, by Amy Castor and David Gerard (June, 2022)

It’s still 2014 in Crypto Payments, and Buying a Burrito is Now a Taxable Event, by David Gerard (June, 2022)

How Crypto Giant Binance Became a Hub for Hackers, Fraudsters and Drug Traffickers, by Angus Beriwsk and Tom Wilson (Reuters, June, 2022)

Time to Stop Coddling Crypto, by Steve H. Hanke and Matt Sekerke (WSJ, May, 2022)

Video: Crypto Mania: Behind the Hype of Cryptocurrencies (Corner 44, May, 2022)

Video: Cryptocurrency, Coinbase, and Contagion (Feat. Jim Chanos) (Crypto Critics Corner, May, 2022)

It's Like The Early Days of the Internet, The Biggest Lie in Cryptocurrency, by Ed Citron (Substack, May, 2022)

Video: Making sense of Web3, with Luke Gbedemah (May 2022)

Podcast: Is the Crypto Bubble Bursting? (BBC, May, 2022)

Crypto in Retirement Accounts? Are You Kidding? (Bloomberg Opinion, May 2022)

The Latecomer’s Guide to Crypto: A Few Thoughts, By Neil Turkewitz (May, 2022)

Video: Everything You Need To Know About The Crypto Meltdown (The Financial Diet, May 2022)

Webcast:Cryptocurrencies Regulation : Is the EU lagging? (Human Technology Foundation, May, 2022)

‘Extortion’: Why Web3 is Making a lot of Software Developers Angry, by Dominic Powell (Sydney Morning Herald, May, 2022)

Podcast: Is the Crypto Bubble Bursting?, The Briefing Room (BBC, May, 2022)

Non-Intermediate Clearing Of Crypto Derivatives On Margin Is A Bad Idea, by Hilary Allen, Lee Reiners and Ryan Clements (the FinReg Blog, May, 2022)

OFAC, the DPRK and the Tornado of Cash, By Nicholas Weaver (LawFare, May, 2022)

Podcast: Tech Won't Save Us (Un)Stablecoins and the Crypto Crash with Bennett Tomlin (May 2022)

Video: Crypto Crash Explained, by Munecat (May, 2022)

Cautionary Tales from Cryptoland, by Thomas Stackpole (Harvard Business Review, May, 2022)

Why This Computer Scientist Says All Cryptocurrency Should “Die in a Fire,” by Nathan J. Robertson (Current Affairs, May, 2022)

How a Digital Token Designed to Be Stable Fueled a Crypto Crash, by Jack Denton (Barrons, May 2022)

Bitcoin, NFTs, SPACs, Meme Stocks — All Those Pandemic Investment Darlings Are Crashing, by Michael Hiltzig (Los Angeles Times, 2022)

We’re Asking the Wrong Questions About Stablecoins, by Hilary Allen (Financial Times, May, 2022)

Video: Celebrity Crypto Destroys Itself (Coffeezilla, May, 2022)

A Macroeconomics Perspective on Cryptocurrencies with Matthew Ranger and Stephen Diehl (May, 2022)

Is Crypto a Giant Ponzi Scheme?, by Concoda (May, 2022)

AFL-CIO, et al Letter Regarding Cryptocurrency Investments (April, 2022)

Video: The Crypto Question No One Is Asking, Deep Questions with Cal Newport (April, 2022)

Can You Truly Own Anything In The Metaverse? A Law Professor Explains How Blockchains And Nfts Don’t Protect Virtual Property, (The Conversation (April, 2022)

Web3 Is Yet To Take Off Despite the Hype, by Richard Waters (Financial Times, April., 2022)

Congress Should Grant the SEC Oversight of Digital Asset Spot Markets, by Lee Reiners (Columbia Law School Blue Sky Blog, April, 2022)

The Infinite Exploitation Of Cryptocurrency, by Ed Zitron (April, 2022)

The Hottest NFT Marketplace is Mostly Users Selling to Themselves, by Olga Kharif (Bloomberg, April, 2022)

Is Crypto Re-Creating the Next 2008 Financial Crisis, by Charlie Warzel (The Atlantic, April, 2022)

The Complete Argument Against Crypto, by Stephen Diehl (April, 2022)

Podcast: The Buzz with ACT-IAC Unpacking DeFi and Financial Risk with Hilary J. Allen (The Buzz, April, 2022)

Video: Crypto and the Climate Crisis (Wharton Risk Center and the Penn Program on Regulation, April, 2022)

Podcast: The Cynics of Web3, by Jathan Sadowski (April 2022)

Podcast: A Viral Case Against Crypto, Explored, by Ezra Klein (April 2022)

Video: NFTS and Celebrities: A Match Made in Hell?, by Michael Burns (April 2022)

Blockchain Bridges: How the Smart Contract Piñata Works, and Why Bridges Keep Getting Hacked, by David Gerard. (April 2022)

Video: Money is Fake, But Some Money is Faker Than Others, by Thought Slime (YouTube, April 2022)

Crypto, The Giant Ponzi Scheme, by Concoda (April 2022)

Podcast: There's a Casino in my Trojan Horse, by (April, 2022)

Why Users are Pushing Back Against the World’s Largest Crypto Exchange, by Ben McKenzie and Jacob Silverman (Washington Post, April 2022)

Don’t Believe the Crypto Hype (Chasing Money Subtext, April 2022)

The NFT Bubble Is Unraveling, by Conocoda (April 2022)

The Rise of NFTs: These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For, by Balzs Bodo, et al (March, 2022)

Six Months in, And El Salvador's Bitcoin Gamble is Crumbling, by Anna-Cat Brigida and Leo Schwartz (Rest of World, March, 2022)

The Case Against Crypto, by Nick Scott (Varsity, March, 2022)

Insider Trading Claims Arise, as the NFT Space Starts to Consolidate (The Fashion Law, March, 2022)

Claims That Crypto Bolsters Financial Inclusion Are Dubious, by (CAP, March, 2022)

The Axie Infinity Hack, What Happened, and Why People Keep Talking About Bridges, by Molly White (March 2022)

Criminals are Using ‘Mixers’ to Launder Millions in Crypto. They’re not Illegal Yet, by Taylor Locke (March 2022)

How a Wikipedia Editor Became One of the Loudest Web3 Skeptics, by Mark Sullivan (Fast Company, March 2022)

Podcast: DeFi’s Dangerous Alphabet Soup, by Paul Amery (New Money Review, March, 2022)

The New York Times Has a Crypto Blindspot, by Stephen Diehl (March, 2022)

Crypto is Making Everything Worse (Jacobin, March, 2022)

The Edited Latecomer’s Guide to Crypto, by Molly White (March 2022)

The Emperor’s New Blockchain, by Ed Zitron (March, 2022)

No, Crypto Isn’t Helping Ukraine, by Peter Howson (Jacobin, March 2022)

Mayors: Cryptocurrency Won’t Solve Your Cities’ Problems, by Tonantzin Carmona (Brookings Institution, March 2022)

Video: Web3.0: A Libertarian Dystopia, by Munecat (March, 2022)

The Normalization of Ponzinomics, by Concoda (Concoda Substsack, March 2022)

Video: The Problems with DeFi (The Plain Bagel, March 2022)

Written Testimony, Shane T. Stansbury, Duke University School of Law, United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Hearing on “Understanding the Role of Digital Assets in Illicit Finance” (March 2022)

What President Biden’s Executive Order on Crypto Really Means, by Bradley Tusk and Bob Greenlee (Fast Company, March 2022)

The Problems with Biden's Crypto Executive Order Take Us Back to 2008 (The Hill, March, 2022)

An Honest Conversation On The Problem With NFTs & Cryptocurrency with @folding Ideas (The Financial Diet, March, 2022)

Video: Ben McKenzie | SXSW 2022 Live Studio (March 2022)

Twitter Thread: Let's Talk About What Type of Financial Products Crypto Tokens are Most Comparable to in Traditional Markets (Stephen Diehl, February 2022)

Crypto Is Fast Becoming a Dystopia, by Concoda (Concoda Substack, March, 2022)

The Technological Case Against Bitcoin and Blockchain, by Luke Plant (March, 2022)

NFTs Don’t Work the Way You Might Think They Do, by Eric Ravenscraft (Wired, March, 2022)

The Pandemic Sparked a Golden Age of Crypto Scams, by Ben McKenzie and Jacob Silverman (The New Republic, March, 2022)

Webcast: Crypto: The Wave of the Future or a Giant Ponzi Scheme? (Securities Docket, March, 2023)

Podcast: Web3 Sucks (Scam Economy #6, March, 2022)

Video: Abuse on the Blockchain, by Molly White (Stanford Guest Lecture, March, 2022)

Crypto Is Fast Becoming a Dystopia, by Concoda (Concoda Substack, March, 2022)

Podcast: Molly White Thinks Web3 is Going Just Great, (Initiative for Digital Public Infrastructure, March 2, 2022)

Lecture: Computer Security 161 Cryptocurrency Lecture, by Nicholas Weaver (Berkeley Crypto Lecture, February 28, 2022)

An Anatomy of Bitcoin Price Manipulation, by Matt Ranger (Single Lunch, February 28, 2022)

Podcast: Web3 is Wonky, Featuring Molly White, Crypto Critics Corner (February, 25, 2022)

Bitcoin Fails Again at Finding a Use Case, This Time, as a Geopolitical Hedge, by Concoda (February 25, 2022)

Lecture: Stanford Seminar - Can We Mitigate Cryptocurrencies’ Externalities?, by David Rosenthal (February 23, 2022)

Cordon off and Shut Down DeFi, by Paul Amery (New Money Review, February 23, 2022)

Why You Can’t Rebuild Wikipedia with Crypto, by Casey Newton (The Verge, February, 2022)

DeFi: Shadow Banking 2.0?, by Hilary Allen (William & Mary Law Review, February, 2022)

What Happens If a Cryptocurrency Exchange Files for Bankruptcy?, By Adam Levitin (Credit Slips, September 2022)

Anonymous Cryptocurrency Wallets Are Not So Simple, by Molly White (February, 2022)

Assessment of Risks to Financial Stability from Crypto-assets, Financial Stability Board (February, 2022)

Stephen Diehl on Web3, Bitcoin & Neo-Metallism, by Stephen Diehl (Life Itself, February, 2022)

Cryptocurrency's Robinhood Effect, by Molly White (February, 2022)

A Safe Crypto ETF?, by Romina Maurino (Financial Pipeline, February, 2022)

A Tech Insider Skewers The Metaverse, Web3's Utopian 'Propaganda,' by Marina Temkin (Pitchbook, February, 2022)

NFTs, Cryptocurrencies and Web3 Are Multilevel Marketing Schemes for a New Generation, by Christopher Mims (Wall Street Journal, February, 2022)

Podcast: "Crypto Winter is Coming with Jacob Silverman," (Tech Won't Save Us, February, 2022)

Stanford Course Lecture, by David Rosenthal "Despite all the cleverness and hype, blockchain technology just isn't that good." (DSHR Blog, February, 2022)

The Internet Is Just Investment Banking Now (The internet has always financialized our lives. Web3 just makes that explicit), by Ian boost (Atlantic, February, 2022)

Don’t Believe The Hype: Web3 Is Not Going To Change The World, by Dr. Ewan Kirk (Sifted, February, 2022)

In A World Of Economic Precarity, Crypto’s Pitch Sounds Like Freedom, by Tressie McMillan Cottom (New York Times, February, 2022)

Why U.S. Businesses May Stop Accepting Cryptocurrency, by John Reed Stark (Law360, February, 2022)

Celebrities and NFTs Are a Match Made in Hell, by Amanda Mull (February, 2022)

The Perilous Regulatory Vacuum of Web3, by John Reed Stark (Law360, February, 2022)

Video: Web 3.0: An Explainer, with Martin Walker, Center for Evidence Based Management (Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation, January, 2022)

Don’t Listen to the Matt Damon Crypto Ad, by Lizzie O'Leary (Slate, February, 2022)

The Encrypted Threat: Bitcoin’s Social Cost And Regulatory Responses, by Ulrich Bindseil, Patrick Papsdorf, Jürgen Schaaf1
European Central Bank (SUERF, January, 2022)

3 Misconceptions about Cryptocurrency Crime Estimates, by Alison Jimenez (January, 2022)

My First Impression of Web3, by Moxie Marlinspike (January, 2022)

Line Goes up: The Problem with NFTs, Folding Ideas (January, 2022)

YouTube Podcast: the Empire Has No Clothes: Speculation or Revolution: with Stephen Diehl (January 2022)

Blockchain-based Systems Are Not What They Say They Are, by Molly White (January, 2022)

The Spectacular Risk of Cryptocurrency, by Ryan Cooper (The Week, January, 2022)

How Crypto Became the New Subprime, by Paul Krugman (New York Times, January, 2022)

It’s Still Not the Early Days, by Molly White (January, 2022)

Cryptocurrency Is a Giant Ponzi Scheme, by Sohale Andrus Mortazavi (Jacobin, January, 2022)

Bitcoin: The PostModern Ponzi, by Stephen Diehl (January, 2022)

Crypto: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, by Laurie Voss (, January, 2022)

Stephen Diehl Twitter Thread re Harm Related to Crypto and Blockchain (December, 2021)

The Third Web, by Tante (, December, 2021)

Driverless Finance, by Professor Hilary Allen (January, 2022)

"You Don't Own Web3": A Coinbase Curse and How VCs Sell Crypto to Retail, by Fais Khan (January, 2022)

Francesca Bria on Decentralisation, Sovereignty, and Web3 (The Crypto Syllabus, January, 2022)

My First Impression of Web3, by Moxie Marlinspike (January, 2022)

The Web3 Fraud, by Nicholas Weaver (Usenix, December 2021)

Podcast: CryptNo "Bhante Sujato explains the moral failings at the heart of cryptocurrencies and allied tech like bitcoin, web3, NFTs, and trustless contracts." (December, 2021)

Web3? I have my DAOts, by Jay Pinto (Networked, December, 2021)

The Third Web, by Tante (December, 2021)

An Engineer's Hype-Free Observations on Web3 (and its Possibilities), by Dave Peck (Insights, November, 2021)

Notes on Web3, by Robin Sloan (, November 2021)

Where are the (Crypto) Lawyers?, by John Reed Stark (Law360, November, 2021)

Celebrity Crypto Shilling Is a Moral Disaster, Take it From Me: I’m a Former Teen-soap Star, by Ben Mackenzie and Jacob Silverman (Slate, October, 2021)

Built To Fail, The Inherent Fragility of Algorithmic Stablecoins, by Dr. Ryan Clements (Wake Forest Law Review, October, 2022)

Angela Walch testimony Before US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs hearing on “Cryptocrrencies: What are they good for?” (July, 2021)

Video: Why Bitcoin is a Scam, by Gravel institute (YouTube, September 2021)

Bitcoin: Unlicensed Gambling, by Bob Seeman (September, 2021)

Ban Cryptocurrency to Fight Ransomware, by Lee Reiners, (May, 2021)

Podcast: Edmund Schuster on Blockchain Hype, by Andrew Jennings (March, 2021)

Impossible Finance : From Ponzi to Bitcoin — The Perfection of the Scam, by Martin C.W. Walker (Medium, December, 2020)

The Privacy Questions Raised By Blockchain, by Steve Snyder (Law360, January, 2019)

Deconstructing 'Decentralization': Exploring the Core Claim of Crypto Systems, by Angela Watch (January, 2019)

Video: Blockchains are a Bad Idea, by James Mickens (Harvard Lecture, June, 2018)

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