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American University Professor Hillary Allen ("Deposit insurance keeps banks stable so they can continue to fund productive enterprise (MMFs fund real corporations too). But stablecoins aren't used for anything other than betting in the DeFi casino. Why would the govt want to provide deposit insurance to stabilize them?")

Bitfinex'ed ("Meanwhile, Coinbase still allows unsuspecting retail traders to purchase sh@tcoins that were made by former employees that wash traded up to 99% of the volume. Also you can buy tokens issued by an unlicensed money transmitter that is under criminal investigation for bank fraud.")

Journalist Amy Castor ("The initial promise of NFTs was they would protect artists and their work and make sure they got paid. Yet the lead illustrator for BAYC said she had the rug pulled out from under her by Yuga Labs.")

Economist Concoda ("For years now, the crypto ecosystem has fed us a constant stream of hype about a coming "revolution", in which crypto will replace corrupt institutions and the power-hungry elite that controls them. But nothing could be further from the truth. The opposite is occurring. . . ")

Writer, Sociologist, MacArthur Fellow Tressie McMillan Cottom ("“To understand blockchain-enabled technologies, you have to realize that they are parking lots for venture capitalists. Venture capital companies (VCs) are pulling their enormous piles of cash into these technological blank spaces because, not unlike having dump truck, you have to park that beast somewhere. And the blockchain is alluring to the kinds of people who run venture capital companies.”")

Technologist Stephen Diehl ("Crypto propaganda is a giant fractal of myth making of staggering complexity and spanning a dizzying number of domains. At every level you zoom in on it, the surface area to refute becomes inexorably larger and more intractably vague and philosophical.")

Technologist Kelsey Hightower ("What is Web3, take something that already exists and rub cryptocurrency on it.")

Journalist Matt Levine (This newsletter flies in the face of the crypto community’s libertarian ideology.")

Actor and Crypto-Expert Ben MacKenzie ("Do not take financial advice from those not qualified to offer it, particularly celebrities like me. Take care of yourself and others.")

Technologist Dare Obasanjo ("The big unknown of the NFT market is how much activity is actually legitimate commerce versus how much is speculation, plagiarism & phony transactions (wash trading, shill bidding, etc.) I believe digital collectibles are a huge market but crypto culture is holding it back.")

Dan Olson, Foldable Human ("Internal criticism accepts the core conceit "crypto is a good idea and useful" which makes it toothless. People will gesture to your internal criticisms for Brownie points, "see, look, we're talking about these issues", but they don't need to take them seriously.")

Cas Piancey ("Can’t wait for people who feel entitled because of a random grouping of pixels they bought to sue a company offering fake land for those online monkey avatars Should be a very meaningful and important legal battle.")

Duke Law Professor Lee Reiners ("Most insightful line from today’s #crypto hearing comes from @RepBillFoster: “If we wish to prevent crypto assets from being used in ransomware, there is no logical alternative to having all crypto transactions associated with a legally traceable identify”")

Elizabeth M. Renieris ("It’s always “decentralized” until something goes wrong, which is always, and then people need/want to hold someone accountable.")

Technologist Marco Rogers ("I don't care if we all have digital wallets in the future. I care how we get there and who is harmed in the process. Those that proselytize the inevitable future usually don't wanna talk about that part.")

Technologist, Journalist Holden Shearer ("None of those functions are inherent to the NFT. They all rely on external infrastructure, which exists independent of the NFT. If you're wondering what role the NFT *does* play, then, the answer is nothing-- it parted a fool from his Monopoly money. That's it")

Writer, Jacob Silverman (". . . leaving many baffled as to why so much money is being spent on items that do not physically exist and which anyone can view online for free")

Bennett Tomlin ("How is anyone still trusting Axie with funds after it turned out that all funds on their chain were effectively controlled by a single entity? They’re the antithesis of everything that is supposed to matter.")

Professor Nicholas Weaver ("Time to release our own NFT series? "Stolen Ape Yacht Club"? Its a blank colored square, and we automatically give one to everyone who's Ape got stolen. Mutant apes get a sickly green color, indicating their lesser status.")

Technologist Molly White ("While we're at it, i'd also love to know why @CNBC doesn't require their authors to disclose crypto holdings on articles about the subject, like most reputable publications do")


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