Cybersecurity and Incident Response

Cyber-attacks are extraordinarily complicated and require a broad range of costly responses, including digital forensic preservation and investigation, notification of a broad range of third parties and other constituencies (customers, partners, empl… Read More

Penetration Testing

John Reed Stark Consulting LLC partners with KoreLogic to conduct uniquely specialized penetration testing for public and private companies, including and especially SEC regulated entities.  The collaboration of John Reed Stark Consulting and KoreLo… Read More

Ransomware Recovery

Your system just got hit with a ransomware attack and your files are now locked up. How do you respond to this cyber-extortion? John Reed Stark Consulting will investigate the severity of the attack and work to reverse-engineer the malware that has… Read More

Board of Directors Advisory Services

Experiencing a corporate cyber-attack is not a matter of “if” but “when” and boards of directors are quickly realizing that cybersecurity risk, formerly the province of corporate IT executives, has suddenly become fertile boardroom… Read More

Cyber Insurance

There is a saying in the cybersecurity industry that there are two types of businesses today: Those that have been breached and know it and those that have been breached and just don’t know it. To manage this burgeoning yet still nascent threat, ju… Read More

SEC and FINRA Compliance

Technology and securities regulation are now inexorably linked, and issues of data retention, data management, cybersecurity, etc. dominate SEC and FINRA compliance agendas. For instance, responding to FINRA and SEC demands for information, whether v… Read More

Password Review and Recovery

Confidential intellectual property, networks, and systems depend on passwords chosen by end users. As managers, you must rely on your users to not place company assets at risk.  At the same time, business functions are increasingly relying on passwo… Read More

Law Firm Cybersecurity Assessments

Security is hard enough without being in the cross hairs of nation state hackers.  However, that comes with the territory for law firms, who handle the strategic information cyber-attackers crave.  Even using next generation security measures, ad… Read More

Expert Witness

Whether it be for cybersecurity advice; data breach response advice; or SEC/FINRA fraud or compliance, John Reed Stark can become a qualified expert.  John Reed Stark’s lengthy and distinguished career provides a unique kind of expert, whose re… Read More

As the Contributing Editor to, John Reed Stark produces “Stark on Incident Response,” where he chronicles and analyzes the latest news and events relating to data breach and incident response, and reports on co… Read More

U.S. Verified and Approved Federal Government Contractor

John Reed Stark Consulting, LLC is officially registered, verified and approved pursuant to the United States government System for Award Management registration in federal government contracting (SAMS).  If you are a U.S. government procurement o… Read More

About John Reed Stark

John Reed Stark's Profile Image John Reed Stark President of John Reed Consulting LLC. Served for 15 years as an SEC enforcement attorney leading cyber-related projects, investigations and enforcement actions; for 11 years as Founder and Chief of the SEC Office of Internet Enforcement; for 15 years as an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University Law School teaching a law and technology course; for 10 years as a Guest Instructor teaching law enforcement and technology training sessions at the FBI Academy. Worked for over five years as Managing Director (three as head of the Washington, D.C. office) of a global digital risk management firm, leading cybersecurity, incident response and digital compliance engagements for corporations and regulated entities. Author of The Cybersecurity Due Diligence Handbook.