Your system just got hit with a ransomware attack and your files are now locked up. How do you respond to this cyber-extortion?

John Reed Stark Consulting will investigate the severity of the attack and work to reverse-engineer the malware that has taken control of your data and enable you to recover it. And in cases where a particular ransomware attack cannot be fully mitigated, we can broker and validate a solution that minimizes the cost of recovery and prevents further extortion from the attacker. We can also remediate the situation -- by developing and implementing a containment plan to isolate any additional infections and providing strategic recommendations to prevent further ransomware attacks and otherwise mitigate their impact.

For its ransomware services, John Reed Stark Consulting LLC partners with Unit 42 of Palo Alto Networks, (formerly The Crypsis Group) an extraordinary team of leading experts and incident responders who have significant experience in investigations, computer forensics and information security. Accomplished authors, educators, and speakers on digital forensics and network security, Unit 42 has investigated and advised legal teams on some of the highest profile data breaches in recent times and specializes in situations involving Ransomware.

The collaboration of John Reed Stark Consulting and Unit 42 dates back to when John Reed Stark, now President of John Reed Stark Consulting, served as head of the D.C. office of Stroz Friedberg, a global data breach response firm and Bret Padres, who became Crypsis’s CEO, led Stroz Friedberg’s digital forensics and data breach response services.

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