Legal Issues of Cybersecurity and Data Breach Response

Current Events

Fall 2021

August 26th, 2021

Key Takeaways From Two Recent SEC Cyber-Disclosure Enforcement Actions, Cybersecurity Docket and Law 360 (August 20, 2021)

The FBI Should Retire its form 302, Cybersecurity Docket and Law 360 (April 22nd, 2021)

September 2nd, 2021

Key Takeaways From a Second Summer Blitzkrieg of SEC Cybersecurity Enforcement, Cybersecurity Docket and Law 360 (September 5, 2021)

September 9th, 2021

Conti Ransomware Threat Rising as Group Gains Affiliates, Bank Info Security (September 3, 2021)

Coinbase Takes on the SEC LinkedIn Posts:

September 16th, 2021

Apple Pays Hackers Six Figures to Find Bugs in its Software. Then it Sits on their Findings, Washington Post (September 9, 2021)

The SEC's Newly Pronounced Search Warrant Authority, Compliance Week (January 12, 2016)

Mary Jo White Wants to Read Your Gmail, Wall Street Journal (June 17, 2016)

September 23rd, 2021

A Ransomware OFAC Due Diligence Checklist, (Revised 9/22/2021) Cybersecurity Docket | Law360 (September 22, 2021)

The Impact of Ransomware on Cyber Insurance Driving the Need for Broader Cybersecurity Knowledge, HelpNet Security (September 10, 2021)

United States v. Michael Sussman (Filed 9/16/2021)

Attribution on Election Cyber-Attacks: Don't Rush to Judgment, Cybersecurity Docket | Law360 (October 19, 2020)

September 30, 2021

When the FBI Seizes Your Messages from Big Tech, You May not Know it for Years | Washington Post (September 25, 2021)

October 14th, 2021

Sussmann Motion for Bill of Particulars (Filed 10/5/2021)

Cybersecurity-Related Oversight Duty Breach Claim Against Marriott Board Dismissed (D&O Diary October 7, 2021)

October 28th, 2021

DOJ Opposition to Sussmann Bill of Particulars (Filed 10/20/2021)

November 18th, 2021

Policyholders Hit With Ransomware Strike Insurance Coverage Oil in Indiana (Barnes & Thornburg (Scott Godes) October 25, 2021)

Ransomware Case Signifies Shift In Cyber Insurers' Stance (Law 360, November 12,2021)